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About Me

Hi, I’m Victoria, designer and creator at Wild Origin.

I’ve always been drawn to creating and feel like my brain is programmed to find patterns and shapes hidden in the world around me. 

My designs have organically developed themselves over the years with the focus always being on creating fun, functional stylish pieces for home and work. 

I was drawn to working with leather because of its durability, tactility, and versatility. I focus on sourcing the leathers I work with from ethically sourced tanneries and use mostly vegetable-tanned leathers. This leather uses natural dyes with no harsh chemicals or damaging effects on the environment. I also love this leather because it darkens with use and over time, create its own beautiful and unique story.

I make each Wild Origin piece by hand and work in small batches to ensure the highest possible quality. I also make sure that every item I develop and design is unisex because I feel that there aren’t enough readily available unisex leather goods.

When I’m not working, you can find me soaking in the beautiful Cornish coastline, doing beach cleans, walking along forgotten paths, or spending time with my family.